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Love is…

the joy of laughing with my husband.
Tender moments spent being present with each other
Spooning on cold nights into the morning

Love is…
knowing my family loves me even though we don’t always agree
Hearing my mother call me “Sugar foot”
Walking the family farm with my Dad
Spending time with my sisters

Love is…
the camaraderie I feel with my friends no matter how close or far apart we live
Sharing joys, hurts, and a shoulder when needed
And laughing… oh the laughter especially!

Love is…
Loosing myself in my photography, painting, making stuff or just being
Allowing creativity to flow, whether I like what I’m doing or not
(it always comes out in the end)
Expressing myself

Love is being myself and loving who I am even though it’s not always easy.

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A Poem for Today

They stood on the balcony
Watching the world go by
One held her heart in her hands
The other the flower of her life.

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