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Sea shell weed IMG_5141     I’ve been thinking for the last few days about how I feel regarding the mass shooting in Orlando. And I’m heartsick. I am heartsick that this guy who had been interviewed twice by the FBI and had been on the terrorist watch list, was able to go into a gun store and easily buy an AR-15. I’m heartsick that this man thinks it’s okay to go into a bar and execute 49 people and wound another 53 more because of his warped sense of God. I honestly don’t want to bring God into this because God had nothing to do with it. This person took it upon himself to bring judgment down on innocent people because he disapproved of their lifestyle. Period. And I’m angry.
I have many friends. And they run the gamut between straight, gay, and transgender. I refuse to discriminate against any of them, for any reason, what-so-ever. Each and everyone of them bring me joy in one way or another. And I like to think I do the same for them. Each and everyone of them have drawn me into their lives in a moment of time that has been good, really good. I’ve learned from them… laughed, cried, shared anger and have just been plain happy. My LGBTQ friends have always treated me with love and respect. And when the chips were down and I was having a tough time, they were there for me. And I am eternally grateful.
I don’t care who my friends love. I only care that they love and ARE loved, they are respected, and cared for.
Someone once said to me that I shouldn’t hang out with gay people, that I should only befriend straight people. I think that person was worried that I would somehow become gay and they worried about my soul. Here’s what that person doesn’t understand, no one becomes gay simply by hanging out with someone who is. No one is transgender simply because they wake up one day and decide they don’t like being male or female anymore. You are either born LGBTQ or you’re not. And for those born LGBTQ, their choice to come out or change their anatomy is incredibly hard, gut wrenching and damn difficult. Because doing so is dangerous and can get you killed. In my opinion, that sucks! And I think LGBTQ folk are incredibly brave… braver than most straights or cisgender.
Being your authentic self and living your truth should never, ever be a choice between life and death.
I believe God put each of us on this planet to love and be loved, and to learn from each other. It is impossible for us to really know what someone else’s path is because we are too busy walking our own. The path that is right for me, most likely will not be right for you. And unless we are willing to stop and listen to one another with an open heart, a little compassion and empathy, we will never be able to understand each other. Now, instead of judging each other, let’s try and have a little understanding.


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Spring time in Paris. What a lovely experience. It is so beautiful that I don’t care if it’s cloudy or rainy with a slight chill in the air. It’s just lovely to me.

Everywhere you look, there is life and beauty. Everywhere. It’s in the food, the shops, it oozes through the air like a silky blanket wrapping itself around your shoulders. Yes, I’m in love.

We have had beautiful meals full of flavor and nuance. Met helpful people, some who don’t speak of word of either language we do and yet, we have communicated with delight through a nod of the head or a smile here and there. So far most everyone has been happy to assist in any way. We met a sweet older woman last night who insisted we eat at one particular bistro even to the point of getting a young woman to translate. By the time we realized we needed to hurry to get there, the restaurant had a long line. Tonight we will go back at an earlier hour.

We had an amazing lunch at Bistro Les Papilles near the Luxembourg Gardens. The lunch was exquisite. There was a zucchini soup with bacon (nothing like I’ve ever had in my life!), braised leg of lamb with vegetables and for dessert a panna cotta with carmelized bananas on the bottom and some sort of foam on top. The perfect ending to an amazing meal.

For dinner we went to L’entrepot near our apartment. L’entrepot is a cool place with music, movies, bar and restaurant. It was packed last night and the staff was hoppin’ busy! I had duck served with braised apple, while Den had salmon with braised celery root. The flavors….mmmm…my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

We are loving our apartment. This is definitely the way to go in Paris! Our first night here, we stayed in Hotel Elysa Luxembourg with a small room near the Luxembourg Gardens, a little expensive but sweet. If you stay here and are a loving couple, make sure you get a room that isn’t 2 twins pushed together. One you will fall between the cracks, trust me on this one. We paid more for room there per night than we our apartment.

Our apartment is in a mixed neighborhood, has great character that we love. It’s not in the most touristy area and that’s fine for us. We love walking, looking and experiencing life here. And it’s easy enough to get around on the subway for or rent bikes for larger excursions. Den and I are on different sleep cycles it seems, so once I awoke this morning, we were out the door. Not much time for waking up. I threw my clothes on, downed a bit of coffee and out we went. While standing on the corner, waiting for the light, I turned to see a sweet little old lady smile at me, I smiled back. Then we made eye contact and she looked me up and down and still smiled sweetly, at that point I averted my eyes, I was a little embarrassed. Then I realized my clothing choices and I had just passed inspection or at least I think they did. Mind you, I wasn’t dressed my best, but for morning, I did okay.

Here are a few pics of our trip so far…

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Love is…

the joy of laughing with my husband.
Tender moments spent being present with each other
Spooning on cold nights into the morning

Love is…
knowing my family loves me even though we don’t always agree
Hearing my mother call me “Sugar foot”
Walking the family farm with my Dad
Spending time with my sisters

Love is…
the camaraderie I feel with my friends no matter how close or far apart we live
Sharing joys, hurts, and a shoulder when needed
And laughing… oh the laughter especially!

Love is…
Loosing myself in my photography, painting, making stuff or just being
Allowing creativity to flow, whether I like what I’m doing or not
(it always comes out in the end)
Expressing myself

Love is being myself and loving who I am even though it’s not always easy.

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