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creativity |ˌkrē-āˈtivitē| noun –  1) the state or quality of being creative.  2) the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.  3) the process by which one utilizes creative ability.

My joy-filled Nicho

My joy-filled Nicho

My husband often to tells me the way to see your soul is to stand on the threshold of the precipice and stick your neck out. Yesterday, I decided to do just that. I went to a class with Anado McLauchlin to learn how to make nichos. What a wonderful day it was!

First, let me say that I have never seen myself as particularly creative, even though I have a creative job. I thought everyone else was more creative than I. That anything I created could be done by anyone, I and my creativity were nothing special. This year, I am changing that. My resolution for this new year is to do something creative everyday, no matter what it is or looks like. It could be something as simple as making an amazing meal, making new business cards for my clients or shooting a cool picture, any and all things are up for grabs. I am changing the way I view creativity. And so far I’ve been doing pretty good.

When I read about Anado’s class, I instinctively knew I had to do it. I knew that being in his class, in his studio with all the amazingly creative people he attracts was the perfect thing I needed to kick-start this new year. I needed a creative injection so too speak and I was not disappointed. The joyful and fun energy of his class was incredibly contagious. I was energized, my creativity was flowing and I was happy. That’s the bottom line, I was happy. I experienced a completely different form of happiness in my creativity. I learned that creativity is fun and that’s a wonderful thing!

In my own studio, I’m always second guessing myself…thinking that my work looks like a “hot mess”. Even when people say they like what I am working on, I can’t see what they see. And it depresses me. Yesterday, I didn’t feel that way at all and when I was stuck, I didn’t go into that depressive way of being, I asked for help. I never thought to say to myself that everyone else is more creative than I. And that was amazing. I was able to step out of my box and see how joyful and wonderful my creativity can be when I let go of those crazy thoughts of second guessing myself or wishing I were more… well more everything positive that I think I’m not.

The reality is that we are all creative in one way or another even though we don’t think so. We all have different ways of being with our creativity that let our imaginations flow and that is key. A great way of doing that is taking a day to step out of our boxes we have put ourselves in and letting our creativity have a field day. Now THAT is way cool!

To see how Anado manifests his own wonderfully unique and joyful creativity, please visit his website at or friend him on facebook.


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All you need is love-02410 smI awoke this morning to the sounds of light drizzle in the air. Softness abounds. I thank the heavens for my life, for giving me this time of transition and for loving me so very much.

I have come to realize that the most important thing for me is to live in Love. To let fear fall to the wayside, to shed it like the second skin it has become. I don’t need this fear anymore…it doesn’t serve me and never has.

Love is the antidote…

I heard someone say once before…”Love is the antidote that leaves the cloak of fear behind.” Truth has never been spoken so reverently and loudly.

Today I state to God and everybody… Love is the truth, Love is the answer, Love is what will bring us through our most difficult times. And this is what I want in my life. Love.

To live a most fulfilling life of Love, what more is there?

For me, what is important to remember is that life is a circle. What do we want to perpetuate in our circle? The viciousness of fear or the warm embrace of Love? I choose Love.

Now is the time to let the cloak of fear fall from my shoulders and embrace the Love that surrounds us each and every day in every way.

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What is creativity?

What is creativity? Is it the twinkling of an idea? The glimmer of a thought in a writers mind? A woman’s musings of dinner as she peruses her cupboard? Or the planning of a farmer’s garden as she sits by the fire in a winter’s cold embrace?

All of these are forms of creativity and are just a small sampling. Some of us, myself included, spend so much time thinking about the process that we have ourselves convinced we are not creative or don’t know how to do what it is we’re trying to do. We are thinking too much instead of doing… we’re letting our intellect get in the way of our creative selves.

Creativity feeds our souls in so many ways. I’ve had to drop the notion that, “I’m not creative because I don’t know how.” Meanwhile, I create wonderful meals, these words I’m writing come from some place, I take lovely pictures and so on and so on. I even think the act of breathing could be considered a form of creativity. In this moment, I look around me and see creativity everywhere.

I love the arts, pretty much all of them. And I see that some people let their creativity flow more easily than others. Some people share their creativity with an ease of spirit that almost makes me jealous.

It’s up to me, in each moment of now to see for myself what I am creating in this world of mine. And to acknowledge that I am a creator of my own reality through the choices I make.

Someone said to me a while back that we can only be one of the two things in this world at any given moment. That we are either victims or creators, it’s up to us, moment to moment to choose what we want to be and to find the silver lining.

I am choosing to be a creator… what are you choosing to be?

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