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front yard-06353I know  when most people see a picture like this, they see a pretty landscape or nice yard. When I see the same picture, I think of getting down on my hands and knees with my camera to discover the world that lives within. To see what actually makes that beautiful landscape. After all, as my father said to me on my this last trip… “Those are just weeds. But, I suppose you could see them as pretty flowers”. In that moment, my dad said a mouthful!

For me, macro photography is visceral. It hits me deep inside, unsettles my nervous system and makes me feel as if I’m falling into a world of unseen beauty. A world that is so tiny and elegant we take it for granted, never taking the time to see what creates it. And yet, when we were little, those same minute details held so much wonder.

It was early spring when I arrived at my parents. The flowers were blooming, the newness of life was evident everywhere I looked, fresh and alive. Life was opening up, seeds were popping, and pollen was beginning to float. I witnessed amazing daffodils of all kinds, tiny little butter cups looking tall and elegant through my lens, and those little Christmas tree shaped bushes covered in blue orchid-like flowers that seem to proliferate in the grass of my parents yard. It’s truly amazing. And to be able to take pictures before it was all mowed made my heart go pitter patter. That was amazing!

As I was looking through the pictures, it made me reflect on what else gets taken for granted. What else is out there we don’t take the time to see? There is so much that comprises our small, individual universe, yet we never take time to just look, feel the wonder and breath in the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday life. Maybe, just maybe it’s time to do that.

Just for fun, here are a few of the pictures that helped open my eyes.


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Trees are beautiful!

We are visiting friends in the upper part of Oregon, “the gorge” as I hear them call it. Yesterday was rather cloudy and threatening rain. Nevertheless, I went for my morning walk anyway. There’s a park up the road, so I headed there.

One of the things I love about walking is it affords me lots of time to look around, to think, see and feel what is happening in my surroundings. The trees here are absolutely beautiful. Everything is so verdant, fresh, alive… almost vibrating with the essence life and the joy living.  I love that.

Where I live, trees are short, prickly things. You can’t go barefoot around them as they have long thorns similar to nails that are quite painful if you step on them… they are so strong, they even pierce through your shoes! These thorns are all over the branches and the locals make crowns of them to wear on their heads during the Easter celebrations as Christ did on the cross.

Here in Oregon, the trees are giant creatures, vibrating with life, their leaves literally dancing and undulating… breathing. Their bark coarse, beautiful and teeming with texture. I find them utterly fascinating, remembering how much I loved them as a child.

As I walk to the park, I peer into the woods and imagine what it would be like to hike in there. To feel the crunch of leaves and pine needles under my feet, the breeze through the trees as it kisses my face. I want to walk in but, dare not as I have people waiting for me to finish my morning exercise so we can explore the area.

Trees are sacred. They clean the air adding oxygen so we can live and breath free. They dance with beautiful breezes and shimmer with life as their leaves rustle and tickle our senses.  I am grateful for the time I have spent among these magnificent creatures and look forward to enjoying their beauty again.

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