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    Sun filter redwoods DSC05158For the better part of my adult life, I have lived in places people would consider tourist destinations. I like living in places people want to visit. I like meeting new people and don’t mind giving directions when people are lost. Besides it’s kind of fun.

I’ve learned a lot. Tourist can be interesting and quaint or sometimes totally mindless, completely unaware of their environment and generally disrespectful to the people who have the privilege of living there year round. I’m often torn between wanting tourists to be safe and wondering if I really give a damn. It all depends on their attitude and how they treat the rest of us.

Now don’t get me wrong, I mostly don’t mind tourists. And I have nothing against airbnb and vrbo. I’ve used their services and most likely will continue to do so.

That being said, I want to share a few helpful tips for people who are vacation renters to help you get along better with the community you are renting a home in. Wherever that may be…

1. Be respectful of our community. If we say hi, smile or wave show some respect and do the same. It’s called being friendly. You’re not in a resort where some may feel it’s appropriate to be rude. If you were, you’d be paying a lot more money with bell hops, room service and in-house gourmet restaurants.

2. Please walk your dog on a leash at all times and pick up after your furry friend. If we politely ask you to put a leash on that pup and hold it in your hand, don’t give us a dirty look. Leash the pup and say thank you for caring. You don’t know what the dogs are like who live here and not all dogs play well with others. If your dog were to run up to greet another, the other dog may take that as an attack instead a friendly invitation to play. I’m only attempting to look out for the well-being of your pet and mine.

3. Pick up your trash, including your dogs poop. You weren’t raised in a barn were you? Do you think leaving trash and poop around your own neighborhood is a good idea? Don’t leave it in mine or my yard, put it in it’s proper place… the trash can.

4. If you build a fire on the beach or anywhere else, be aware of the fire danger. Sparks fly and can create forest fires. Also, please use firewood and not wood with nails or put glass bottles in the fire. We really don’t like cleaning up the mess you’ve made. And it makes our lovely beach dangerous for everyone else. Stepping on glass or a rusty nail is no fun and it’s bad manners on your part. Better yet, don’t build the fire.

5. Again, be respectful of the neighborhood. Loud parties after 10 are frowned upon, period. Unless of course you invite all the neighbors. Otherwise, we will most definitely call the person you are renting from and/or the police. You are renting a house, not the community.

Basically, just be a decent human being, that’s all we ask. You’ll have a much better time and the rest of us will be greatly appreciative.

Now one last thing, and this one is for the people who are buying homes in neighborhoods specifically for renting out as vacation rentals. This one is really important… Get to know the people who live in your new neighborhood year round. Make friends with them and listen to their concerns. Exchange phone numbers and emails. Be friendly and supportive. And be conscious of the amount of parking you have available in front of your home. My parking area is not your parking area. I can not stress any of these enough. The year rounders are the ones who will notice if your house is broken into, a window has been left open that can be seen from the street or will call the fire department if your house is on fire. We will contact you if there is a pipe that has burst and is spewing water all over the place. Your ownership of a vacation rental is not a license to be disrespectful to your neighbors.

Remember, you are changing this beautiful and bucolic neighborhood by renting your home out every week and/or weekend to strangers. And it’s not always easy for us to deal with your guests, especially when you or they are rude and disrespectful. Remind them it’s appropriate to have good manners and to be considerate with their dogs. Our neighborhood and it’s beauty are the reason you bought here in the first place and the reason your guests want to visit.


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