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ImageI’ve been sick and all I could think about were these really cool posts I was playing through my head. There were political rants (a couple actually escaped with a great adversary), basic insights into myself and then there were some that brought joy to my heart. After writing these monumental bits in my head, I heard in a large booming voice, “Oh no, we can’t write about THAT!?!” To which, I then watched as those beautiful words swirled their way down the toilet in my head. Sadness would fill my heart.

Alas, why do we DO that? I mean really!

My one saving grace is, I managed to raise my head up from my pillow long enough to… actually shoot… some really cool macro shots. Imagine that? I couldn’t believe it. Somehow I managed to create beauty and still be sick at the same time, damn!

And that, my friends, makes me feel much better.

To see what else I shot, head on over to

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