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I was talking with someone the other day about creativity and awakening, fear and rigidity. How sometimes we let fear stop us from following through, we allow the rigidity that comes from fear to stomp all over our dreams.The next day I went to a memorial service for friend who was not much older than me. She was a cool lady who had a very big, fun and beautiful life. Someone who was loved deeply by her family, friends and the community at large. She accomplished a lot and touched so many lives. Everyone knew and appreciated Mary, she was full of life and a shining light to all.I think when we die, we all have things we weren’t able to finish or complete…we don’t always have time or maybe we just let “it” fall into the dust of forgetfulness. I like to think I won’t let the most important things fall by the wayside, and yet will I? This got me to thinking about how procrastination gets in our way and sometimes we let our dreams fall away or we don’t act on them because of self-doubt….the “what-if’s” and “if only’s”. We tell ourselves “anybody can do that, what makes me so special”. And slowly, overtime, those dreams that seemed so important have fallen away, never to be recovered.

Personally, I think I’m in the middle of an awakening. And not one of those awakenings that affect only one aspect of my life. It’s as if I have many areas waking up at the same time and they are all dependent on each other. This awakening is allowing me to know that the act of creating matters, allowing me to create and re-create what is important no matter what “it” looks like. And allow my dreams to manifest in beautiful waves of unbounding love and creativity.

I must admit, I’ve been procrastinating or at least waiting. I’ve allowed those “if only’s” and “others can do it better” to control various parts of my life. And now the only question I can ask myself is, if not now…when?

So with that question in mind, I have created a website for myself of my photography. I’ll be adding my portfolio of design work, paintings, jewelry and whatever else I choose to create over time. The link for my website is Enjoy and if you like something enough to buy it…go for it.


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