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I haven’t posted in months…a long time has passed and life has been full of interesting moments and lovely healing. I don’t know where to begin…

I’ve discovered that healing can take many forms, even though at first we don’t see it coming. You know, one of those moments that doesn’t look like it could be healing what-so-ever and we didn’t see coming. I recently discovered a side of my mother I never knew existed, a side of her that I had dreamed of meeting. I met the soft, cute, sweet side of my mom…perhaps the person she was as a young girl. I had always wondered what she might have been like.

My mom had a stroke a few months ago and I spent time helping her and my dad through the first couple months of her recovery. I spent a lot of time in the rehab center/nursing home, giving my father someone to lean on and help out, and my mom an active advocate. Every time my father and I had to make a choice regarding her care, I would ask, “if I were the one in that bed, what would my mom do?” The answer was always there.

I got to meet some amazing people in the nursing home, both patients and staff. I watched the nurses and CNA’s work crazy, long hours doing their best to help each and every patient with dignity and very little thanks from anyone.  I saw nurses who showed great love and caring, who felt the patients were theirs alone to care for. And I fell in love with the patients…a hug and a smile go a long way here. I’ll be visiting this winter when I go home for Christmas, for sure.

Part of me wants to send my Mom a thank you note thanking her for a delightful summer of growth. If it hadn’t been for my mom’s stroke, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to spend most of the summer with she and my dad. I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to reconnect with friends who are dear to my heart and spend precious time with my sisters as we gave each other much needed emotional support. And I definitely wouldn’t have had an opportunity to laugh until I cried with my mom, read her funny stories and help her relearn the things we all take for granted.

I never knew a stroke could offer such healing and blessings. Thanks Mom!

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