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Okay, I know that sounds weird but hear me out…Happy to Eat

I got a great compliment the other day from Antonette, the founder of So Others May Eat. She told me the Grandmas like having me shoot pictures of them. They have finally accepted me.

You see, some cultures believe that if a photo is taken of them, their soul has been stolen. Millions of people around the world believe this, and some of the Grandmas and grandpas believe it. To you and I, that sounds like crazy talk. But to some of the older Grandmas it’s very real. There have been times when people have taken pictures and some of them have died shortly thereafter.

I’ve been taking pictures of them for the last 4 years and have fallen in love. We joke around, laugh and just generally have fun. If they notice I’m pointing my camera and don’t want their pictured taken, they either cover their face or turn around. I respect their wishes and move away.

Some of my friends like having their picture taken and will even ask me to shoot them. I do like that. I never know who will ask and sometimes I’m surprised. They are so beautiful in their innocence and joy, their love and reverence.

I’ve been lucky…no one died. Which means, I’m not a soul stealer.

To learn more about this worthwhile program or to add your support for the Grandma’s and Grandpa’s of San Miguel de Allende go to


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Gershon died on the morning of Good Friday at 1:30am in Orcas Island, WA

He was a barefoot walkin’ wonderer, painter, yogi, healer and one of the most wonderful people I have ever met.

He walked into our lives about 6 years ago. From the first time he and my husband met, it was clear they were going to be fast friends. Within a week he was house sitting for us while we took a much needed trip. When we came back our animals were in love.

I always called Gershon the “barefoot wander”. The only time I ever saw him wear shoes was when we went out to dinner or a movie. He later told me he only wore shoes in airports or restaurants because, “he had too.” He said he quit wearing shoes, I think, 40 years ago…I was astounded. The weather didn’t matter…rain, snow, sleet, searing heat…he didn’t care. His callouses were thick enough to handle everything except broken glass. He hated broken glass, who can blame him? For the record, when he did wear shoes, they were always those little black chinese shoes you see in China towns everywhere.

Gershon had wanderlust in his heart…lived the life of a wanderer and loved to travel. From my understanding he didn’t live for more than a few years in any one place. He traveled the whole continental United States, spent time in India, Hawaii, Mexico, probably more places than I will ever know.

Whenever he landed, he painted. He painted til he filled all of the walls in his space, then he knew it was time to pack up and wander out into the world again.

When he lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, he had a tiny place with a beautiful garden. He would sit outside under the shade of the trees and paint. When finally he went to India for the last time, he left all of his paintings to be sold to help feed the beggar Grandma’s and Grandpa’s. Did I mention he had a heart of gold? The grandma’s and grandpa’s were dear to Gershon’s heart. Every Christmas while he was here, he would help hand out sweaters, blankets…whatever was available for them. He took great pleasure in that.

Gershon practiced yoga everyday, especially the Breath of Fire, I’m convinced it’s what kept him alive. You see, Gershons’ blood vessels around his heart were closing. He needed a by-pass and had needed one for a while. The doctors couldn’t understand how he was getting oxygen to his brain. But I know…it was the Breath of Fire. Do that 50 times each day and you’re sure to get much needed oxygen.

He was also a healer using massage or watsu. His massages would last at least 3 hours! Those of us who were lucky enough to work with him would say, “he doesn’t just massage the body, he rearranges the molecules!” I know that his work was special, his hands were gifted and he helped create a deep healing for everyone he worked with.

We are going to miss Gershon. He is and was a very special human…one of those special people that touch your life and forever leaves it changed.

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