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Last week, a friend of mine gave me a wooden heart. Someone had asked her to embellish it for an auction that’s taking place for our local Hospice. Doing things like this aren’t really up her alley so, she asked me if I would do it instead. I was thrilled as I’ve never been asked to do anything for an auction and I thought it would be great.

From the very beginning, I was clear that it had to have a goddess in it. Something about that felt so right. This is one of the few times in my life where I let my creativity flow, not stopping to second guess. Well…maybe not too much at least.

I found an old heart-shaped candy box someone had given me years ago and painted both the inside of the box and my heart gold. Then I found a goddess I really liked, created a pattern and made her out of polymer clay. I was really enjoying the process.

As I was putting the final touches on my heart last night, I had a sudden realization…I have 3 very dear women friends with cancer, 2 female cousins with cancer and another cousin who passed away last year from the same disease. I was floored by that number! It brought home to me how precious life is and that everyday is a gift.

As a result, I wanted to share this with you and ask that if you have the opportunity, do something to give back. And if you find it within your heart, do something for Hospice. They do such good work and I’m grateful they exist to assist families in times of crisis.

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New Year’s resolutions are always fraught with peril. We say we want to change something in our life… perhaps exercise more, eat less, or spend less… and we slowly lose interest. A few weeks later we’re back to the same old patterns. And with that comes defeat… we don’t accomplish what we set out to do. No thanks, I’m not interested!

So this year, I decided to do something a little different. I wanted to come up with something that I could actually stick to, something that would help me be more aware of what I needed and wanted for myself. I’ve decided that my resolution is going to be to practice self-care in all it’s forms. To be aware of creating self-care for myself. Okay, I know it sounds hokey but, if I can’t figure out what I need in the care and maintenance of me, then act on it, who will?

So, I’m contemplating what self-care actually means. And I’m noticing, it gives me lots of room to maneuver, lots of areas where I can make things better for myself. Let’s just say, it’s making me more aware of what I haven’t been doing to support myself and how I can do it better. This ultimately shows me I care about who I am and what I want to be in the world.

So what does self-care look like? Well, how about taking a soak in a hot tub of water with a good book, maybe feeding myself something truly delicious that nurtures my body, taking a walk in the park, or even picking up my camera or paint brush and letting creativity flow? Those all, while being very different, fit the bill perfectly. See how easy that is? It isn’t so bad.

I don’t have to worry too much about not fulfilling my resolution. I just have to be conscious that I’m actually doing it and not forgetting myself in the care and maintenance of others. To be aware of all the ways I see what I need and fulfill that for myself. Self-care… that’s the ticket!

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