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What is creativity?

What is creativity? Is it the twinkling of an idea? The glimmer of a thought in a writers mind? A woman’s musings of dinner as she peruses her cupboard? Or the planning of a farmer’s garden as she sits by the fire in a winter’s cold embrace?

All of these are forms of creativity and are just a small sampling. Some of us, myself included, spend so much time thinking about the process that we have ourselves convinced we are not creative or don’t know how to do what it is we’re trying to do. We are thinking too much instead of doing… we’re letting our intellect get in the way of our creative selves.

Creativity feeds our souls in so many ways. I’ve had to drop the notion that, “I’m not creative because I don’t know how.” Meanwhile, I create wonderful meals, these words I’m writing come from some place, I take lovely pictures and so on and so on. I even think the act of breathing could be considered a form of creativity. In this moment, I look around me and see creativity everywhere.

I love the arts, pretty much all of them. And I see that some people let their creativity flow more easily than others. Some people share their creativity with an ease of spirit that almost makes me jealous.

It’s up to me, in each moment of now to see for myself what I am creating in this world of mine. And to acknowledge that I am a creator of my own reality through the choices I make.

Someone said to me a while back that we can only be one of the two things in this world at any given moment. That we are either victims or creators, it’s up to us, moment to moment to choose what we want to be and to find the silver lining.

I am choosing to be a creator… what are you choosing to be?


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Sliding sensually
Snowy sheets
Soft, supple, silky
Scintillatingly seductive

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Silence is golden they say, as I sit here listening to the inner recesses of my brain. It’s not very silent.

It says I should get up and paint, shoot some pictures, or maybe I should look at all the pieces of my life…. throw out the stuff I don’t need anymore. And look for those little nuggets of truth that will lead me on to my more perfect future.

What does perfection look like? Well, I say it’s all perfect just the way it is at this moment, and the next, and the next.

Silence, well I have seen a lot of gold in it ’cause my mind hasn’t become fully silent. And when it does become silent, does that mean I’m dead or truly alive for the first time? Who knows… I haven’t reached that point yet.

All I know is that for me, silence is a beautiful thing that allows me to hear myself without having to concentrate on someone else. And in that… there is true gold.

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