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A Poem for Today

They stood on the balcony
Watching the world go by
One held her heart in her hands
The other the flower of her life.


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Let’s Wordle!

This is just a short post but, it’s so exciting I had to share. Tonight my friend Nancy turned me on to a really fun and cool website called wordle.

With this site, you can play around with words and how they layout on the page. You can pretty much use as many words as you like, change the fonts, the colors, whether you want them to be horizontal, vertical or every which way and the algorithm does the rest. You can even change the layout as many times as you like until you find something you really like.

You can print your wordle or save it as a pdf, then open it in photoshop and save as a jpeg for later use. They also provide html code so you can paste it into a website.

I probably spent way to much time playing around with it but… it’s so much fun! The web address is I highly recommend it.

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