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Higher Love…

Yesterday, my husband brought his ipod and speakers into the kitchen while I was washing dishes. He was playing Steve Winwood’s, “Higher Love.” As I heard the music playing and the words to the song, it brought a smile to my face.  Shivers ran through my body, I closed my eyes and remembered a time last November when I was in a 8 day retreat with 32 other people. I had never met any of them before and by the end of the week I had fallen in love with each and everyone of them, as well as myself.

We all went through a sort of death and rebirth…. learning who we each truly are… shedding the skins that no longer represented who we thought we were. And allowing our most authentic selves to shine through. In this way, you could say that we resurrected that part of ourselves that had been buried. That part of ourselves that truly knows the love that exists within each of us.

That particular retreat was a catalyst for me in totally allowing my creativity to shine through. Since that week, I have taken chances that I thought I would never take in my life. While I still have moments where I “get in my own way,” they are fewer and farther between. And I’m learning to trust myself to speak and allow the authentic part of me to shine through. In essence, I allowing a higher love to shine through me.

Today on this Easter morning, I am grateful for my 32 friends who loved and supported me through those sometimes grueling 8 days. I am grateful for the instructors that guided us through our process and I am grateful that I have my family and friends that grace my life. I now know what higher love feels like and I never want to forget that feeling again.


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